Why is it that the radical Left is so weak on actual criminals, but so heavy handed when it comes to law abiding American citizens? That's a question we have often asked in the face of our wide open Southern border, and liberal prosecutors and judges throwing criminals back out onto the streets.

It's also a good question for the Biden Justice Department, and how they are using the FBI as a weapon against their political opponents. Who authorized this unprecedented FBI raid on President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence? Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland. Yes, the same Merrick Garland who has a grudge against Trump and the Republicans for refusing to hand him a seat on the US Supreme Court.

That's why I found this story that John Jackson shared with us earlier in the week to be so interesting. Here you have Merrick Garland authorizing an unprecedented raid, approving a search warrant against a former President of the United States. This is the same Merrick Garland who apparently dragged his feet when he was overseeing efforts to track down the Unabomber here in Montana.

Terry Turchie: It just sickens me to watch and listen to Merrick Garland, because Merrick Garland was in charge of the prosecution at DOJ of the Unabomber. And I have to tell you something. He would not recommend to the AG that our search warrant to get into Theodore Kaczynski's cabin be approved. He and his group of attorneys had us working till two or three in the morning of April 3rd and finally, the AG Janet Reno along with the Louis Freeh, they stepped in, they approved the search warrant anyway.

Terry Turchie is a former FBI deputy assistant director of counterterrorism. He was on Fox News calling out Merrick Garland for refusing to approve the search warrant against the Unabomber. For those who don't know the history here, the Unabomber was the environmental extremist who went on a killing spree spanning decades. That is before he was finally nabbed by authorities at his cabin in Lincoln, Montana.

Here's my reaction- once again we have a case where someone like Merrick Garland goes weak on criminals and murderers, but is willing to use the FBI as a weapon against his political enemies.

Check out this story from Fox News and the interview with Terry Turchie:

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