Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is looking to serve Montana in Congress once again, and his first piece of legislation is EXACTLY what is needed in this country. We have a federal bureaucracy that has run amok. They've run amok under Democrat presidents, and they've run amok under Republican presidents.

Earlier today, Zinke first broke the news on our "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint" statewide radio show that he is introducing the FEAR Act. According to Zinke's campaign press release, "The 10-point Federal Employees Accountability and Reduction (FEAR) Act would put the fear of accountability in the hearts of bad actors and root out corrupt government employees, returning power to the people."

Here's what Zinke had to say on the radio Wednesday morning:

Ryan Zinke: The swamp oughta fear this because we need to get accountability back in to the swamp. I mean, you have Fauci, you had these guys that don't work for anybody, and everyone should be accountable to somebody. Even the President of the United States is accountable to people. But when you have bureaucrats that are on their own agenda, they don't bow to 'We The People.' They need to go, and we need to reduce our federal employee load. I mean, the first one on the chopping block is the 87,000 IRS troopers that are coming our way, and we need to eliminate that.

Zinke also talked about how the federal bureaucracy is "like tenured professors on steroids." It's too hard to fire the bad actors.

Zinke: What we've done over a period of time is we've created an elite class of bureaucrat that's untouchable. And you look at the confidence the American people have with any branch, division, department of the United States government, and you ask a fundamental question- is there any branch, division, agency, department of the United States government that has the full faith and trust with people? And the answer is no. We have to return to accountability, transparency, and reduce the load of bureaucracy.

On Liz Cheney's big loss in the Wyoming GOP primary election:

Zinke: We ride with the brand, right. And there's a lot of diversity of thought in the brand, and we're not monolithic. But when your sole purpose is to shoot in, and you do more harm to the brand riding with it then you do not, you just need to be carved out of the herd. So I don't hate Liz Cheney, but she's not a Republican. She hasn't been a Republican in a while and she's not served Wyoming. Her sole focus was to take down President Trump., How does that benefit the great State of Wyoming? It doesn't, and the voters of Wyoming made the right decision- get her out.


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