It's true! Irish road bowling has made its way across the pond and will be played at the World Museum of Mining in Butte this weekend! How wonderful, right?...or are you perplexed in wondering what pray tell and what the h#@% is Irish road bowling? Well, as the saying goes, "bless your little Irish heart, and every other Irish part", and if you're not Irish, bless your heart and every part, just the same. To be sure, to be sure. Alright, so, what exactly is Irish road bowling? Many residents in the surrounding area have been familiar with this historic and interesting event for some time now. As illustrated on the websites All Events and Irish Around The World, Irish road bowling dates back to the 1600s and traditionally involves the hurling of an iron ball in Ireland's countryside. The fewest throws of the dense object along country roads and landscapes is the way to win.

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There's speculation that it was a pass time favorite brought to Ireland by English weavers in the textile industry. Others believe that Irish road bowling made its mark on Emerald Isle with the help of troops from Holland, while many hang on to the notion that patriots of Ireland, while up to their shenanigans, stole English cannonballs at night fall and secretly rolled them home. Supposedly, Irish soldiers played road bowling around the world depending on where they were stationed. On the northside of Ireland in County Armagh, the game is referred to as bullets or long bullets, and in County Cork as traditional road bowling. To this day, enthusiasts of the sport, take to the roads in Ireland and other parts of the world to compete. Similar to golf, throws can roll up to 300 feet. Want to check it out for yourself in the states?  Again, it all gets underway in Butte at the World Museum of Mining, tomorrow, September 17th at 10am. In fact, you still may be able to get involved in the actual competition with registration beginning at 9 am. No matter your heritage, the luck of the Irish has this event covered! Oh, and while you're there, remember these terms from the online site, Irish BowlBowl/Bullet = 28 ounce cannonball; Butt = the throwing mark on the road. Releasing the bowl over the mark "breaks butt.";  Faugh a Ballagh! = Battle cry to clear the way; Kitter Paw = left handed thrower; Stylish Bowler = bowler with a smooth throw; Craic - a good time!  ***Check out the road bowling video below!

Irish road bowling, tomorrow, September 17th at the World Museum of Mining is proudly co-hosted by The Butte Elks Lodge 240. The Lodge will also have festivities throughout the day to celebrate Halfway to St. Patrick's Day. On the agenda, Irish music and entertainment by the Anaconda AOH Bagpipes and Drum Corp.

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