If you want to drive slow- stay in the right lane! Don't hog the left lane. This isn't Portland! Ha...that was just some of your reactions after a great write-up from one of our contributors.

In case you missed it, Nikki Vega is new to Montana. She recently took a job with one of the music stations in Billings. As a newcomer to the state, she wrote a piece about "the 5 good ways to piss off a Montanan." It was a great write-up.

Here it is for those who missed it.

Nikki had a great list, which included: do not mention the Democrats or anything about being anti-gun.

Our radio listeners and readers also had some great responses. One that drew a lot of seconds was the comment that Montanans do NOT want to be told what to do. I've joked that if Missouri is "The Show Me State," Montana is "The Leave Me Alone" state.

Here's some other reactions we got from many of you.

Dennis in Bozeman: Advice for newcomers..."keep montana red, vote against what you fled"


John in Bozeman: How to piss off a Montanan…say “Rodeos are just animal abuse” or - tell a local “I’m an out-of-state land developer”


Kendall in Laurel: "Welcome to MT. now go back home."


Tim in Billings: We do believe in Law and Order and have a history of a massive desire for justice. For instance the Montana Vigilantes cleaning corruption from their communities. 3-7-77


Kendall in Laurel: What's up w all the news anchors, reporters, d.j.s, meteorologists, ect. ect. ect. from everywhere else, doesn't MT. have any qualified applicants? This drives me crazy. #Fix California . God Bless Rick Grenell!


Mrs. C in Billings: My peeve is when a transplant says, "Well, back in (other state), we did it this way," or similar.


Nicole in Columbus: Love the things you don't want to say to a Montanan...I think number one thing you don't want to say is "You have to _______". No Montanan likes to be told they have to do something. We are fiercely independent, and think for ourselves, and the minute someone says we have to do something, whether we agree or not....we are like "Who are you to tell me what to do? I'm an American".


Jim in Kalispell: Thought #1 thing not to say to a montanan is tell them what to do...


Butch in Eastern Montana: Try to tell a Montanan that BISON do not harm the prairie and cattle do.


Jarod in Anaconda (A Democrat): TED TURNERs henchmen telling me I cant fish his land when I dropped down from a bridge and stay below the high water line makes me angry.


Weber: The list is great but I wish she handed a couple of things. 1. Quit being so rude and in a big hurry. Slow down and enjoy your surroundings! 2. Don't throw your trash out of your vehicle. Help keep the state beautiful and clean.  The road side trash has become very noticeabe these past 2 years. Let's keep it that way.


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