When I prep for my radio show each morning, you know what I find very interesting- the best content I am coming across at the local level is on radio station websites. It's not generally coming from the newspaper, and it's not coming from the TV stations (although I will find great content from both of those platforms also). It sure as heck isn't coming from the #MTPol hashtag on Twitter anymore.

It's crazy when you think about it. I imagine even just a couple decades ago if you were going to do a morning show on the radio, the first thing you do would flip open the newspaper and make sure you watched the nightly news the night before.

One of the best ways I can prep for my show now is by scanning the content that is put together by our diverse team of radio folks from across the region. There is so much talent that you used to only hear on the radio, that is now increasingly being found online.

That being said, there's a couple headlines from our Billings NewsTalk station website that I wanted to respond to. Both stories deal with partisan liberal activist judges who are abusing their power as judges in order to overturn laws that they don't like purely on partisan ideological grounds.

One headline asks "What are your pronouns?" It talks about a liberal judge in Billings blocking state laws regarding birth certificates. Another headline asks if another ruling by another liberal judge will amount to- "Trans Sports Made Great Again."

Here's my reaction: there's nothing great about killing girls' sports. There's nothing "great" about taking away hard-fought opportunities for women and girls in sports.

If someone wants to identify as transgender- you do you. This is America. But a biologically born male does not need to be taking away opportunities for women and girls.

Watch below as a biological male, who was on the women's cross country team at The University of Montana, soundly defeats all of the biological females in the women's track meet. The transgender athlete, June Eastwood, also got national attention in October of 2019 when the biological male athlete took away the opportunity of "female athlete of the week" for the Big Sky Conference.

Watch the video below and then tell us who cares about "fairness."


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