"You're all fired. Beth, you're my new chief of staff." -John Dutton

My first reaction to the Yellowstone Season 5 trailer is this: Helena is on the right track, let's send Beth Dutton to the White House instead.

The Season 5 trailer is out for the hit TV show Yellowstone, and a few of our friends here in Montana may make an appearance. Here's the new trailer:

So which Montanans will make the extras list this season? As we told you back in August, and as witnessed in the trailer above, the Yellowstone crew had been filming at the Montana State Capitol. (What was with the masks, anyway?)

Last season it was former Missoula City Councilman Jesse Ramos who stole the show during the season finale. I swear that scene of him playing a lawyer had him on camera for about 5 minutes.

Sounds like our buddy Bret Hildreth out of Butte may make an appearance in Season 5. At least according to his Facebook page, he says you can spot him with "Teeter" and Lainey Wilson.

Ramos was featured in the season finale last year. Back in January he told me that the other woman featured on the legal team was a professional actress who was flown in for the scene. He heard they were looking for extras, so he "showed up like everyone else."

Jesse Ramos: And then I don't know if they made a mistake, because there was like another professional extra there as well, and he wasn't in the scene at all. And I don't know if they maybe thought I was him because they stuck me in this featured scene with Piper and Costner, and I'm just like, okay, just trying to go with the flow. Next thing I know I expected them to kind of cut me out quite a bit. I did not expect for them to like focus the camera on me the entire scene. It was very weird. And honestly, I found it hilarious.

My favorite response came from one of Ramos' friends on Facebook: "Academy Award-winning performance!"

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Hey, speaking of Butte. Look what our buddy Tommy O'Neill threw together:

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