Montanans are sick and tired of the media and the governmment trying to keep our country in a permanent state of fear and emergency, especially after the failed lockdowns and mandates that followed COVID-19.

As a result, Montanans aren't going to freak out (nor should they) over the monkeypox "emergency" declared by Joe Biden. But, we should ask why the government isn't doing more to warn the community that is more at risk of the disease.

In case you missed it, the state Department of Health and Human Services put out a news release on Friday afternoon that Montana had it's first presumptive case of monkeypox in Flathead County.

NBC News recently did a report noting that monkeypox is overwhelmingly driven by same sex partners. So why doesn't the government do more to warn a community that might be at an additional risk? This is the same government that shut down churches and 4th of July parades as risky behavior, but allowed Planned Parenthood and riots to keep going on business as usual.

According to the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, "The illness typically lasts 2-4 weeks and most people get better on their own without treatment. At times, monkeypox can cause scars from the sores, the development of secondary infections, such as pneumonia, or other complications." DPHHS also notes that monkeypox is transmitted through "close and prolonged contact." The state has also created a monkeypox website

What the DPHHS left out was the specific community which is reportedly most at risk to monkeypox. It was also ignored by a report in Montana Public Radio and a report by the Montana Television Network.

My point is this: if you truly care about the LGBTQ community, why wouldn't you warn the gay community about the risk of monkeypox? That's what comedian Andy Cohen, who happens to be gay, has been doing. He's also been arguing that the government is not helping the LGBT community by ignoring the issue.

Eddie Scarry made a great point at The Federalist a while back- this is the Left's "Don't Say Gay." 

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