The invasion of illegal aliens across our southern border very clearly dominated the conversation during our statewide town hall meeting with Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT01)- the state's Western District Congressman.

"Shut it down. Shut it down now." That was the clear response from Rep. Zinke after callers jumped in on the conversation.

We fielded more than a dozen calls and messages from folks all across Montana on a range of topics during Wednesday's town hall.

Want to stop the woke politics being forced on the military? Pass the appropriations bill. Want to start shutting down the invasion on our southern border? Pass the appropriations bills.

That's part of what Zinke had to say during the opening conversation of the town hall. He highlighted a Department of Defense spending bill in the House that would have cracked down on the radical transgender policies being forced on the military, amongst other "woke" policies.

Rep. Zinke: I came to DC to do two things. We said we would curb the spending and we said we'd remove the 'woke.' And my friend- on the defense bill that that some members are voting against- we did exactly that. We curbed the spending...we've segregated all the Ukraine (funding) out, and now it's the defense of our country. If you're not going to come here to pay attention to that, I don't know why you're here.


Click below for full audio from Wednesday's town hall with Congressman Zinke. Here's the link as well.



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