Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) endorsed President Trump months ago. He called on his fellow senators to coalesce around President Trump months ago. On Monday, he came right out of the gates opposing this sham of a so-called border bill that would only make the border crisis worse.

I caught up with Senator Daines on Thursday morning ahead of the Montana GOP winter kickoff taking place this weekend. Here's some of what we talked about.

Was his message against the so-called border bill the final nail in the coffin?

Senator Daines: I hope so...look- we need to secure the border. The bill that was negotiated with the Democrats does not do that, and that is why I came out strongly opposed to it. And let's not forget, Joe Biden could have kept the border closed. From day one, he reversed Trump's policies...and the only reason the Democrats came to the table to start negotiating this is because politically now they know they've got an albatross around their necks.

I also asked Senator Daines about the dynamics inside the Senate GOP. Earlier this week, I told our sidekick on the radio that I think Senator Steve Daine is very diplomatically, behind the scenes, moving the Senate GOP into a more conservative direction. He's also moved the Senate GOP into a more pro-Trump direction is well, especially with his leadership at the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

I know there's a lot of folks that are frustrated with the Senate GOP dynamics right now, but I think Senator Daines' efforts to the Senate GOP in a more conservative and a more pro-Trump direction are starting to pay. Of course, maybe not as fast as some of us would like, but it is happening nonetheless.

Senator Daines: The change doesn't happen fast enough for me either Aaron- but change is happening. Politics and movements are about addition not subtraction...I'm very pleased to see so many of my colleagues now getting behind President Trump. These are quiet conversations that are held in meaningful ways. Look, Aaron, I have found that you have some folks have style back here- they can't wait to jump on radio and TV and just squawk and scream a whole lot- touting what they're doing. I think the best results oftentimes get done behind closed doors in conversations and trust. And I'm just really pleased to see so many of my colleagues now getting behind President Trump. He is going to be the nominee. He's gonna be the next President of the United States. Let's start moving forward now in winning this election, because the longer we are shooting at each other, the more probable it is that Democrats win. As Tim Scott said so well when he was running for president, he said the path of socialism runs through a divided Republican Party.


Full audio of our chat with Senator Daines:

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