Remember when Tester said how great of a job Joe Biden is doing, and how there is nothing wrong with his mental capacity? That was just a few short months ago.

Alright. If you guys have seen a story where ANYONE in the Montana media did a follow up with liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) on Joe Biden's declining mental capacity, please send it my way- because they sure are hiding it well. If this was a Republican president, the press would be DEMANDING a response from Republican officeholders.

If you saw the press conference last week where Joe Biden lashed out about reports from the special counsel showing he is mentally incompetent to stand trial, Biden angrily lashed out at reporters and claimed he was fine. Moments later he then screwed up the Mexican president and the Egyptian president when criticizing our ally Israel. There was no more denying it- Joe Biden is NOT well.

Speaking of Tester, we had big political news last week in case you missed it. Montana's Eastern District Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT02) announced he would run again for the Senate,
and then within hours President Donald Trump endorsed Navy SEAL veteran and aerial firefighter Tim Sheehy in the race

Trump also released, via Truth Social, polling showing Tim Sheehy with a massive lead over Rosendale- not to mention a significant fundraising gap ahead of the June 4th primary. 

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