BUTTE, MT - I remember being a little lad and reading tons of light-hearted and fun-filled books about world records, ghost stories, enigmas, and criminals doing really stupid things. In that last one, there usually was a section or two that was dedicated to detailing some of the weirdest and probably lesser-known laws across every state, and Montana always stuck out to me. Many of those laws are no longer practiced today, and perhaps for good reason, but they're still fun to think about—especially when you wonder how the heck they got there in the first place.

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I found one of these books recently, and, with assistance from the handy-dandy internet, I took some of my favorites found in Montana. But I always wondered: how true are these weird and, usually, very strange laws? Were they a law at one point and have been abolished? Are some still valid?

So I did some research on 5 famous "weird" laws in Montana, and you'll never guess what I found.

Can you play frisbee golf—"folf"—after dark in Montana?

This is one of Montana's most iconic "weird" laws: you can't "folf" after dark. But did you know that in Helena: "No person shall play or engage in the game of folf or throw a golf disc at nighttime in any area within the business improvement district that has not been sanctioned as a designated folf course by the city."  Is this one true?

Yes, this law is confirmed to be true, though it looks to be specifically in Helena. No experience yet on if it's enforced though...

Status: TRUE

Are married women who fish alone on Sundays breaking the law?

A classic Montana tale, surely passed from bar to bar along dusty highways throughout the country. "Did you know that my wife can't fish on Sunday without me there? Yup, it's against the law." I've heard of this one before, and I couldn't believe it was true.

Turns out, it isn't. "After an extensive search, including inquiries with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, no concrete evidence or statute confirming this law was found." There you have it: great news for solo-fishin' married ladies!


Is it illegal to bring my horse into a bar?

Back in the good ol' days, I'm told, bars were havens for the crazy, the extraordinary, and the downright weird. So weird, in fact, it wasn't so uncommon to see horses in bars with their owners taken mount. I even recently saw an awesome painting of one of these past scenes in a friend's house. It looked like a great time. But have they banned it since?

According to my research, it was never a law to begin with. I wasn't able to find a specific law stating you can't bring a horse into a bar in Montana directly from reliable legal resources. This type of law might fall under more general statutes related to public safety or animal control rather than being a standalone rule. I don't recommend you try it.

Status: PLAUSIBLE (but probably false)

Am I not allowed to raise rats as pets in Billings?

This one seemed unbelievable from the get-go. There couldn't possibly be any specific reason to create this law. Apparently, you cannot raise, sell, or give someone a pet rat in Billings. Not true, right?

Actually, it is true. People aren't happy about it either, made evident by the campaigns to abolish this law I keep seeing around the web. Billings, care to explain?

Status: TRUE

Do pool tables have to be visible from the street outside a billiard hall where the tables are located in Kalispell?

Our last one might be one of the strangest I've ever heard. Pool tables must be visible from the street in pool halls in Kalispell. What's the justification? Does the entire pool table need to be visible? What if only 20% is visible? What if the pool table is visible, but way in the back? Who enforces this if it's true?

Well, it turns out it is true. I would really like to know if anyone has ever gotten reprimanded for this one—or any of these laws, for that matter.

Status: TRUE

What'd you guys think? Have you "broken" any of these "laws"? Which ones should I cover next?

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