If you're travelling the Hi Line along Montana's Highway 2 in the days ahead, make sure you give a honk and a wave to "the cycling grandmother" who is raising money to support the kids of fallen Special Operations service members.

I caught up with Cindy Norris as she passed through beautiful East Glacier, Montana on Thursday morning. She is cycling across the country from Washington to Delaware as part of an effort to raise $100,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Cindy: I'm raising money for children a special operation for years. And that's the primary reason why I'm riding. I have such a passion for the children of our fallen Special Operations warriors. And so I just decided, you know what? Put up or shut up, lady. Let's do something.

Cindy says this trip is very personal for her. Her son did three years in the war on terror, and her husband served as a green beret,

Cindy: It's a foundation that takes children who've lost a parent, and oversees that child's education from cradle to grave. So that's from preschool through college through any education that they require. And so it really supports my core beliefs. And my core belief is that I believe children are our future and education is the key to making America a great place to live.

By the way- her birthday is next week when she turns 67. She plans on making it as far as Glasgow, Montana by then so I told her she will have to celebrate her bday with some Eugene's Pizza while she is in town.

You can support Cindy's fundraising efforts or follow her journey by clicking here. If people want to help out their travel in Montana specifically, she said donated hotel rooms are always a nice way to help.

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