Usually, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for Montana, we know the beauty will always be here.

Of all the states I have lived in or visited, Montana is the perfect example of pure beauty I have ever seen. The mountains, the forests, the lakes, and more make Montana the ideal place to visit for anyone who loves the outdoors or enjoys how Montana hasn't changed their ways.

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So when we saw this list, it made complete sense.

Have Clothes, Will Travel made a list of The 12 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In America According to Americans, and two spots in Montana were chosen.

The two places in Montana that landed on the list were Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Glacier was on the list because it was more captivating than other national parks, and the trail system is endless in the park. These trails lead you to more beauty that many folks will never see.

Photo by Karthik Sreenivas via Unsplash
Photo by Karthik Sreenivas via Unsplash

Yellowstone landed on the list because it's not only the first national park in America but never disappoints. Whether you're into trails, wildlife, natural beauty, or more, Yellowstone can offer everything to the usual visitor.

Visit Gardiner Montana via Facebook
Visit Gardiner Montana via Facebook

Montana has a lot of natural beauty for locals and visitors to enjoy daily, whether they are lakes, trails, mountains, or forests. We have so much at our fingertips that many take for granted.

One beautiful party about Montana that people don't realize is how gorgeous the sunsets are in the state. On a clear or semi-cloudy night, the sunsets in Montana can be spectacular.

What's the most beautiful part of Montana, in your opinion? Hit us up on the app.

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